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A very warm welcome…

My dear guests…

I was born in a castle near Alnwick, Northumberland and have never known who my parents were. I was  left with enough funds, through various guardians for my boarding school education in Edinburgh. This was arranged by my Newcastle solicitors who are the Trustees of my entitlements. Incidentally, they were extremely helpful in getting me out of a bit of bother in North Shields just recently.

Educationally, I was particularly good at science and majored in Meteorology, which was some what of a mystery until I invented ways in which to duplicate the weather. Baromoters, whilst simple to read, were of great help to explain the displacement of gravity to me. My great inventing friend – Phileas Fogg calls me The Barologist, this is echoed by my drinking buddy Johnnie Walker from Kilmarnock.

I now live here in Leith and I welcome you to my house, which shows a lot of my work. I’m fortunate in that my legacy allows me to carry on my inventions as it’s rumoured that I could be from an aristocratic or royal background.

I have invented most of my contraptions in the name of Ulysses G Houston but my real name is George “Geordie” Armstrong.

A warm welcome to my humble home, please make yourself comfortable and feel free to peruse my many inventions.

Yours faithfully,

Take a peek…

Come and enjoy the meterological creations of the world famous inventor, The Barologist.
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Our Food

We serve fine fresh food all day at the Barologist, from brunch ’til late. Please take a look at our menu for some inspiration.

Our Cocktails

The Barologist takes the art of cocktail making very seriously, check out the menu to find out more…

What they say…

Our Opening Weekend

Take a look at what goes on at the weekend.

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